Steering Committee

General Chair

Fred Schindler
RF Micro Devices

Technical Program Chair

Mohammad Madihian
NEC Laboratories America

Technical Program

Xiaodong Wang
Columbia University

Special Sessions

Fazal Ali

Paul Draxler

Workshop Co-Chairs

Jenshan Lin
University of Florida

Luciano Boglione
Filtronics Sigtek

Short Course Chair,
Protocol Chair

Madhu Gupta
San Diego State University
Poster Session

Aly Fathy
University of Tennessee

Takao Inoue
University of Texas at Austin

Student Papers Chair

Gabriel Rebeiz
University of California, San Diego

Publications Chair

George Heiter
Heiter Microwave Consulting

Publicity Co-Chairs

Jeremy Muldavin
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Zhensheng Zhang
San Diego Research Center

Electronic Submissions

Jeff Pond
US Naval Research Laboratory


Takao Inoue
University of Texas at Austin

Cover Design

Rich Bushey
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Finance Chair

Upkar Dhaliwal
ST Microelectronics

Finance Vice Chair

H. Clark Bell
HF Plus

Local Arrangements Chair

Paul Yu
University of California, San Diego

Local Arrangements Vice-Chair

Mike Majerus
HVVi Semiconductors
Local Arrangements Conference Planner

Jennifer More

Guest Program

Marianne Dobrino
Sonja Welstand
Jennifer Ameling
Joanne Fulciniti
Registration Chairs

Nitin Jain

Tom Dobrino
Roos Instruments

International Attendee Liaison

Anil Agrawal


Robert Welstand
Peregrine Semiconductor

Exhibition Manager

Harlan Howe
Horizon House

SiRF Liaison

George Ponchak
NASA Glenn Research Center

PA Workshop Liaison

Peter Asbeck
University of California, San Diego

At Large

JK McKinney
Dura Sales

Ke Wu
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

Chairman Emeritus

Steve Kenney
Georgia Institute of Technology