Workshop Review Process

  • REVIEW PROCESS: We are planning on having feedback from the conference TPC members as well as from MTT-S and ComSoc. Since the conference is targeting a broad technical audience, we feel important to make a decision based on the input of experts in the area the workshop is focusing on. However, the workshop chairs are the ultimate responsible for acceptance/rejection of workshop proposals.
  • CRITERIA: Workshop should focus on an area of interest to the conference. They should discuss state-of-the-art results and/or new accomplishments. Basic concepts may also be part of the workshop, but the tutorial component should not be the main component of the workshop.
  • FORMAT: A document outlining the topic and organizers’ contact details are the minimum requirements: the greater the amount of information you may have available by the workshop proposal deadline, the stronger your chances of having your proposal accepted. A list of speakers would also make your life easier in the long run, but we understand that things may evolve over time!